1-800 Water Damage Holds Grand Opening

By Megan McMonagle  |  2017-07-24

(l-r) Jeremy Shelton, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce; Ester Lee, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce; Melanie Uhrenholt, BELFOR Property Restoration; Jacquelyn Burns holding 9-month-old Aurora Burns; William Burns, Owner of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of NE Sacramento-Folsom; 2-year-old Everest Burns; 7-year-old Savannah Burns; Denise Brandt, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce; Fara Kharazmi; and Ellie Witt, Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce. Photos courtesy Briancom.com.

Celebrates with Business Ribbon Cutting

Rancho Cordova, CA (MPG) -  On Thursday, June 29, 2017, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE® celebrated its newest location in Rancho Cordova, CA with an official ribbon cutting ceremony. Owner Bill Burns was joined by friends, family and representatives from the Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce for the grand opening event. 

“Our number one priority is providing world-class service to satisfied customers,” said Burns. “Our team of professionally-trained technicians is ready 24/7 to serve the Sacramento community and their water damage and property restoration needs.”

1-800 WATER DAMAGE of NE Sacramento-Folsom offers 24/7 residential and commercial services, including water and flood damage restoration, mold remediation and removal, fire and smoke damage restoration, sewage cleanup, and expert carpet cleaning in the Sacramento community and surrounding areas.

1-800 WATER DAMAGE® is a national leader in the property restoration and water damage remediation industry. With locations from coast-to-coast, dedicated experts are ready to help 24/7 with emergency mitigation, carpet cleaning, and mold remediation. For more information, please visit www.1800WATERDAMAGE.com.

Source: briancom.com

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Leaders of Tomorrow

City of Rancho Cordova Staff  |  2017-07-24

Pictured left to right: Interns Shushanik Paskevichyan, Max Vityk, Zoey Gabay, Code Enforcement Officer Keith Boucher, Management Technician Jessica Crone, and Animal Services Officer Krystle Judish. Photo courtesy City of Rancho Cordova.

Students Experience Civics Lessons at City Hall 

Rancho Cordova, CA (MPG) - Eighteen high school students are experiencing "Summer at City Hall," a 4-week program funded by the City's Community Enhancement Fund. This professional development program gives students hands-on experience and education regarding how local government works.

Non-profit organization PRO Youth and Families organized the program for incoming high school juniors and seniors who live within the City of Rancho Cordova.

“We are grateful to see the City of Rancho Cordova provide these important opportunities for our youth. If we teach our youth how to be civically engaged residents and to work on their professional skills today, we are preparing them to be Rancho Cordova’s leaders in the future,” said Andrea Tafolla, the Youth Engagement Coordinator for PRO Youth and Families.

Students attend sessions taught by PRO Youth and Families staff twice a week at City Hall to learn professional and personal skills, such as communicating effectively and dressing professionally. City Hall staff as well as Council Member Linda Budge are participating as guest speakers in the local government and civic engagement portion of the sessions, which teaches students the history, structure, and functions of the City.

Eleven of the students are also working as paid part-time interns in different departments at City Hall.

Jessica Crone, Management Technician for the City of Rancho Cordova’s Neighborhood Services Division and one of the City staff members involved in the program said, "Summer at City Hall has been a great experience for students as well as City employees. The program gives students valuable professional skills, and hopefully they will be inspired to work in public service in the future."

Source: City of Rancho Cordova



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Backpacks to be provided by New Hearts Baptist Church

Rancho Cordova, CA (MPG) - On Saturday, August 19th, from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., Pastor Mac Arthur Weatherspoon and members of the New Hearts Baptist Church will host their 7th Annual "FREE Backpack Give-Away."

This one-day event is specifically targeted to those students and parents who need a helping hand in acquiring backpacks.

The FREE give-away will be held on the grounds of the church at 9219 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento.

Students from elementary grades through college level are invited to attend. However, students 13 years of age and younger MUST be accompanied by a parent.

 Students desiring a backpack must be present at the event in order to receive a backpack. Parents will not be allowed to take backpacks from the event to give to students not attending.

A week prior to the event flyers will be randomly distributed to neighborhoods within the vicinity of the church. For those who do not receive a flyer at their home one will be posted at the church.

For more information contact www.newheartsbaptistrc.org, or email to newheartsbc@gmail.com

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Sacramento, CA (MPG) - The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced July 20th, 2017, a large increase in the number of reported Valley Fever cases in California with illness onset in 2016.

From January through December 2016, 5,372 new cases of Valley Fever were reported to CDPH corresponding to an incidence rate of 13.7 cases per 100,000 people. This is very similar to the most recent peak in 2011 (5,213 cases), which was the highest number of cases since individual cases were made reportable in 1995. 

“People who live in or travel to areas where Valley Fever is common should take steps to avoid breathing in dusty air,” said CDPH Director and State Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith. “If they develop flu-like symptoms, such as cough, fever, or difficulty breathing, lasting two weeks or more, they should ask their doctor about Valley Fever.”

Many counties in the Central Valley and Central Coast regions, where Valley Fever is most common, reported an increase in cases in 2016 compared with 2015. The largest number of cases and highest incidence rate in 2016 were in Kern County where more than 2,200 cases, or more than 250 cases per 100,000 people, were reported.

Valley Fever, also known as coccidioidomycosis, or cocci, is caused by the spore of a fungus that grows in certain types of soil. In California, Valley Fever is most commonly reported in the Southern Central Valley and Central Coast.  People get infected by breathing in spores present in dust that gets into the air when it is windy or when soil is disturbed, such as through digging in dirt during construction. The incidence of Valley Fever depends on a variety of environmental factors and types of human activity in areas where the fungus is present. Valley Fever symptoms can be similar to other illnesses and it is not always recognized: changes in testing, diagnosis and reporting patterns can also impact reported disease levels. It is unknown why there has been such a large increase in reported Valley Fever cases in California in 2016.

While anyone can get Valley Fever, those most at-risk for severe disease include people 60 years or older, African-Americans, Filipinos, pregnant women, and people with diabetes or conditions that weaken their immune system. People who live, work, or travel in Valley Fever areas are also at a higher risk of getting infected, especially if they work outdoors or participate in activities where soil is disturbed.

A person can reduce the risk of illness by avoiding breathing in dirt or dust in areas where Valley Fever is common. In these areas, when it is windy outside and the air is dusty, stay inside and keep windows and doors closed. While driving, keep car windows closed and use recirculating air conditioning, if available. If you must be outdoors, consider wearing a properly fitted mask (such as an N95 respirator mask which is widely available in retail stores), and refrain from disturbing the soil whenever possible. Employers should train their workers about Valley Fever symptoms and take steps to limit workers’ exposure to dust.

Most infected people will not show signs of illness. Those who do become ill with Valley Fever may have flu-like symptoms that can last for two weeks or more. While most people recover fully, some may develop more severe complications of Valley Fever which may include pneumonia, or infection of the brain, joints, bone, skin or other organs. If you think you have Valley Fever, you should contact your physician.

For additional information on Valley Fever, please visit the CDPH website.

Source: www.cdph.ca.gov

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Hearing In CHP Officer’s Death Set

Jacqueline Fox  |  2017-07-20

CHP Officer Lucas Chellew. Courtesy CHP

Sacramento, CA (MPG) - A July 13 preliminary hearing for the man accused of causing the death of CHP Officer Lucas Chellew February 22 in South Sacramento, has been rescheduled in order to give CHP investigators more time to complete their investigation of the accident.

Defense attorney Alice Michele requested an extension for the hearing for her client, Alberto Quiroz, 26 at the time of arrest, who faces one misdemeanor and three felony counts of vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle and resisting arrest.

Motorcycle patrolman Chellew was pursuing Quiroz, also on a motorcycle, on Fruitridge Road, when he was suddenly cut off by a passing car, lost control of his motorcycle and hit a pole. He was taken to UC Davis Medical Center where he later died from his injuries. Quiroz was arrested shortly after the pursuit.

Deputy District Attorney Aaron Miller confirmed that the hearing, which was stalled for several months for settlement conferences before being calendared, was delayed so that CHP officials conducting a detailed investigation into the crash that killed Chellew could have more time to prepare.

“They need more time to put together their report before we can move forward,” Miller said, adding that the original charges have not changed in the case against Quiroz, but declining to say that they could.

The CHP report is expected to play a critical role in the case against Quiroz.  Should it reveal willful recklessness on the defendant’s part, charges against him could change to include at least one count of vehicular manslaughter.

Chellew’s widow was present in the courtroom for the hearing.  She sat flanked by CHP patrolmen, presumably colleagues of her late husband, as Judge Kevin J. McCormick asked Quiroz, clad in an orange jumpsuit inside a detaining cell, if he agreed to waive his right to have his case heard sooner. He did.

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BBB Sacramento Region Names New CEO

Danielle Spang, BBB Marketing & Communication Manager  |  2017-07-19

Lynn Conner, new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BBB serving Northeast California. Photo courtesy of BBB.

West Sacramento, CA (MPG) - Better Business Bureau (BBB) Board Chair Archie Milligan announced on July 19th,  that Lynn Conner accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BBB serving Northeast California. Conner also served as the interim CEO after former CEO, Gary Almond, chose to step down in late March.

“We are very fortunate to have someone with Lynn’s impressive resume leading the BBB. Even more important for us, though, is Lynn’s character and her commitment to our mission and values, demonstrated during her many years of service on our Board,” said Milligan. “I personally appreciate the most recent example of Lynn’s commitment – her positive response to my request to serve as our interim CEO, and I certainly appreciate the extraordinary efforts of the staff to convince her to take on the position permanently,” he added.

“I’m honored and excited to be taking on the challenge as CEO of BBB serving Northeast California. Marketplace trust is as vital as ever, and I look forward to continuing to develop and promote programs that advocate trust and bring attention to those who have chosen to become BBB Accredited Businesses,” said Conner.

Conner served on the BBB Board of Directors for six years, and was the chair of that board in 2015 and 2016, helping guide the organization during a period of significant financial growth. For the last two years she was also given the distinct honor of serving on the national board of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB), and is currently a member of the Finance Committee.

Conner brings thirty-five years of managerial and business related experience to this endeavor. Her background is both varied and extensive. She worked for Parasec, a $15 million public records research company, for 30 years, 22 years as President until she was succeeded by Matt Marzucco in 2009.

In addition, while working with Parasec, Lynn assisted a partner CPA firm for nine years, Flemmer Associates, as their Business Development Manager.

In 2010, Conner and her husband started their own company, Hialeah Terrace, a six-bed residential care facility for the elderly. She is the Licensee and Administrator for that company.

Conner believes in the value of the BBB mission and has demonstrated her support by maintaining both companies, Parasac and Hieleah Terrace, as BBB Accredited Businesses.

Having served for more than 12 years on the board of the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), Lynn’s skills led to her election as Chair of the Board. In that role she continues to demonstrate her commitment to SETA’s mission to develop a viable, vibrant workforce in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Lynn holds her Certification as a Residential Care Facility Administrator.

Lynn earned a Bachelor of Science in Botany from UC Davis, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento.

Source: BBB Media

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District Attorney's Office Updates Public on Arrests

Sacramento, CA (MPG) - “On June 26, 2016, members of the Traditional Worker’s Party (TWP) held a rally on the west steps of the state capitol after securing legal permits from the California Highway Patrol. The rally began at 11:00 A.M.  Numerous counter-protesters also arrived at the capitol to block the rally, none of whom were lawfully permitted to conduct their demonstration. In the hours that followed, violent clashes occurred between the two groups resulting in a number of assaults and several stabbings.

The California Highway Patrol Protective Services Division investigated the incident.  After several months of reviewing video footage, interviewing witnesses, and attempting to identify participants, the investigators submitted arrest warrant requests to the District Attorney for review.  In all, arrest warrants for 101 individuals were submitted for consideration.  Many of the charges submitted did not meet the District Attorney’s filing guidelines including: 85 counts of Unlawful Assembly, 55 counts of Conspiracy to Unlawfully Assemble and 32 counts related to the possession of illegal signs and banners.  In several other cases, there was clear evidence of felonious conduct but the identity of the perpetrators could not be established. Unfortunately, included in this category were all of the stabbings and the attack on a local television reporter. After reviewing all of the evidence submitted, the District Attorney’s Office sought and received arrest warrants for individuals whose conduct represented the most egregious offenses that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

We cannot disclose the names of all of the individuals for whom warrants have been issued until after arrests have been made. We can confirm at this time that William Planer and Porfirio Paz have been arrested on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon or by Means of force Likely to Inflict Great Bodily Injury and Participating in a Riot. Planer was arrested in Colorado and is pending extradition to California. Paz was arrested in Southern California and is scheduled to be arraigned on July 24, 2017 in Department 63 at 8:30 AM.” - Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi

District Attorney's UPDATE (July 19, 2017):

Yvonne Felarca was arrested last night in Southern California on charges of Assault by Means of Force Likely to Inflict Great Bodily Injury, Participating in a Riot, and inciting a riot.  We have no further information as to Felarca’s court date at this time.

Michael Williams was arrested today in Yolo County on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Participating in a Riot. Williams is set for arraignment on July 21, 2017 at 1:30 in Department 63 of the Sacramento Superior Court.

There are no further outstanding warrants related to this incident.

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